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About Us

We love the feeling of satisfaction
that comes from a job well-done.

Troxo, founded in 2001, is a technology company with a headquarter in Sweden and a development office in Serbia. The company specializes in providing skills, resources and complete hosting solutions for ISP, Hosting, Telecommunications, and Media industries. Designed to provide customer satisfaction and high value to businesses our hosting solutions are perfect for your control panel, traffic monitoring and billing requirements. With 30 staff members on its role, Troxo brings to you over 150,000 programming hours of experience in software engineering and applications development for the hosting industry. Our portfolio of services also includes remote system administration, consulting, creating SLAs, and providing complete solutions to the hosting industry.

Our list of satisfied clients includes Loopia AB, Pingdom AB, NSN ASA and Dootall BV.

Our winning combination

Our people: Our people are the creative problem solvers from diverse backgrounds bound together by one common vision— to deliver nothing but the best.

Our experience: We have about seven years of experience in designing the right solutions, at the right time and at the best value.

Our expertise: We have expertise in a broad range of IT-enabled services and can provide everything from advice and recommendations to creating, developing and deploying software solutions for various client engagements.

Our flexibility: We can put together the right combination of skills and resources to provide customized solutions to your unique business requirements.

Our commitment: We value our clients and are committed to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships based on transparency, visibility, and trust.

In short, we have what it takes to be a winner

Meet our CEO Mr. Mladen Stojanovic

Mladen Stojanovic, CEO of Troxo DOO, holds a M. Sc. Degree Computer Science. He joined the company in 2001 and became the CEO in 2003.

Under his stewardship the company greatly expanded its horizons. Some of his accomplishments include:

Mr. Mladen Stojanovic, CEO

2001-2002: Developed a first version of Hosting Control Panel Software for the leading Swedish hosting company Loopia.

2002-2004: Was the main driving force for all projects undertaken in Troxo including projects for IISPassword, IISGuard and AdoMonitor.

2005: Received an award from the Regional Chamber of Commerce for the best IT entrepreneur.

2006: Developed a new marketing strategy that ensured an expansion in Troxo’s client base to countries such as Sweden, Norway, and The Netherlands.

Mladen’s areas of interest include software processes, Internet marketing, Internet startups, and Web 2.0 services.

Our vision

Troxo has been a growing company since its foundation until present days. Bringing in the best people, making our services second to none has always been the path we take.

Bringing in more people, opening new offices for development and customer care and providing new features for our services are the goals Troxo is after.

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